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                                  Dr.Toni Singing Black DressDr. Toni Singing Red Dress      Dr. Toni Singing Black DressDr. Toni Singing Red Dress
           Your Lady CD Cover  
Your Lady Audio Download  $8.00
...the search for a deeper love!
My Gift to You CD Case
My Gift to You Audio Download  $8.00
... a song about a conversation between a mother and her child

        I Am a Christmas Tree Coloring Book and CD     
 I Am A Christmas Tree Audio Download $8.00
...a narration and sing along about a boy and his singing Christmas Tree

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The Attractive Thinker Theme Song Audio Download $8.00 Attractive Thinker Tool to see more clearly and think differently

"My Life's Work is To Make Your Life Better!  
Remember, It's Not What You're Going Through, But How You're Viewing It!"

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